Zayn Quotes

#ZaynQuote – He Said This To His Mum “Amee Jee Im Through!, Amee Jee, May Simon Ka Kaar Jasaa” – Awww RT If You Think Thats So Cute :’) xx

#ZaynQuote – “You’ll Never Understand What It Was Like Untill Youve Actually Performed On The Stage. It Was Just Amazing” #Zaynsters ?

#ZaynQuote – “When We Came Off Stage Errr After Our Performance, We Were All Buzzin” RT If You Were Buzzing Whilst #1D Were On Satge 😉

#ZaynQuote – We’re #1Direction And Please Keep Voteing For Us RT If You Will Continue Voting 😉

#ZaynQuote – “We Loved It & It Was Incredible! As Harry Would Say”…. Wow His Accent Is Soo Damn Sexy! 😉

#ZaynQuote – “Ryte Were Gona Stick This In A Pan &… Were Gona Put It Up On… On The Cook, Cooker & Were Gona Fry It Up. See Wat Happen”

#ZaynQuote – “And now i just love being in a band, like these four guys i mean were all like best friends right now” awwwwww :’)

#ZaynQuote – “I just know im gona do it wrong cause i dont know it” Well Gues What Zayn? U Did The Dance Routine And Dint Make A Mistake 😉

#ZaynQuote – “It stinks! We bet the smell was even worse after Niall pooped and Harry threw up in the adjoining bathroom….AT THE SAME TIME!”

#ZaynQuote – “We could of got a bigger room but we’re not complaing because we’re all having a laaugh err were just err enjoying ourselves”

#ZaynQuote – “Were doing quite a big song & everybody knows it lets hope we do it justice” RT If U Think De BoysSang Viva La Vida Perfectly;)

#ZaynQuote – “I seriously dont wanna do it, cause I hate dancing and ive never done it before and I just feel like an idiot…” awwww D: